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How to make money on the stock exchange. What does the implementation guru advise for beginners?
If you want to be a baker, learn from a baker; if you want to be a millionaire, learn from a millionaire. This idea was formulated in his book “The Rules of Wealth” by cult investor Warren Buffett. the wealthy are happy to talk about success and give recommendations for the birth of mortals. The Secret Firms have gathered advice from a variety of financiers who are frequent private investors.

How to make money on the stock exchange. Top European meeting tips
Each of them – Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Cathy Wood – broadcast their own investment philosophy. It occurs in many of their approaches, but there are also fundamental differences.
How to make money on the stock exchange. Top European meeting tips
Warren Buffett
Head of nuclear company Berkshire Hathaway. happens to be one of the most successful cases in history and is found among the wealthy people of the planet. He will turn 91 in August 2021.

Buffett previously said that the shares have been owned by companies for many years. Often stories. Therefore, he will look not so much at quotes as at the quality of the companies’ business. His main novice Soviet investors are, first of all, learning the basics of accounting.

This ability allows you to estimate from the reports how likely it is to grow in activity. “An investor should develop the habit of buying part of the business, not something that fluctuates on the chart,” Buffett said.

The second (predictable) advice from Buffett is to buy stocks for a long time, at least for five years. If an investor has wisely chosen a quality company, they will bring him money, and he should be glad that he owns such a business. But stocks, as soon as they rose in price, and fixed profits, this, in the words of the legendary investor, is like “cutting flowers and watering weeds.”

At his Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting in early 2021, Warren spoke tougher on the subject. In his opinion, even a “patient and sensible monkey” who builds a portfolio by throwing 50 darts into the list of the 500 most important US companies will eventually receive dividends and capital gains, if only he does not succumb to the temptation to change the initial selection of assets.
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The temptation is getting stronger, thanks in part to brokers who are starting to trade on the stock exchange in their game-like apps. But, according to Buffett’s calculation, including in order not to lose money on commissions. “Investors should never notice that when they spend, Wall Street earns,” he said.


In past years letters, Warren Buffett also advised:

not succumb to herd capture. When prices drop and everyone sells in a panic, this is probably the best time to buy;
invest through index funds (about what it is and which of them to the Russians, we observe here);
unknown: past results have not been observed to return in the future;
do not allow information noise to influence the selected sample.
How to make money on the stock exchange. Top European meeting tips
Ray Dalio
Creator of the world’s leading hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. He is respected in the investment world for his ability to predict trends.

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Dalio believes that investing is a way of life. In his book Principles. Life and work” he describes what should help investors achieve success.

The key idea wants – you need to acquire a fundamental basis and know reality as it is, and not as you see it. To do this, he recommends developing an opinion, asking smart people to criticize it, and never stop learning.

Of the more practical ideas – the advice to diversify the portfolio in order to reduce risks. According to Dalio, allocate assets as directed:

30% – shares;
40% – long-term bonds;
15% — added bonds;
7.5% – gold;
7.5% – other goods (silver, oil, etc.).
Such a portfolio can be called all-weather: it should work well under any conditions, regardless of whether the economy is growing or regulating, inflation is rising or falling, Dalio’s moderator.

For active investors who want to watch the buying and selling of stocks, Dalio advises learning how trading cycles work. And then act countercyclically: buy when everyone is available, sell, sell when everyone is available, buy.

“The biggest mistake an individual investor makes is to think that a market that is doing well is a good market, not a market that is no longer expensive. And that the market that did badly is still a bad market, and not a cheaper one, ”said Dalio.

Dalio, who believes that keeping cash is not the best (“Cash is trash”) and believes that the investor believes