Most students do not earn yet

Most students
Most students
Most students do not earn yet, but it already seems. Cash and electronic money have a pocket and gifts. Someone does everything without a trace, someone saves, and someone consciously learns to manage his money. The ability to manage personal finances is essential to anyone who wants to live in well-being and freely choose a profession and relaxation. Together with an expert we are wondering what to do now to achieve financial success in adult life.

Alexandra Krasnov,
Communication Director, “RU”

Plan your budget with your parents
Take part of the cost
Learn to save money
Start wisely spend
What to remember

Plan your budget with your parents

Many teenagers discusses with them a budget and believes that their children are quite educated on financial matters. The survey carried out in 2017 by Vtsiom showed that one on five high school students would like to know more about money management. Discussing spending and family income is one of the best ways to learn to solve financial problems. If your parents only inform you about their decisions, they suggest that they will give you an advisory voice.

The high school player can not only discuss the budget, but also to find real-real problems. For example, if the family must reduce the costs of maintaining an animal, the student can ask for discounts on food and cheaper, but better quality veterinary services.

Some parents mistakenly believe that it is too early that the student would turn their head “adult problems”. You can not learn wisely use money on short-term courses. It is better to analyze the first mistakes aged 15, when parents are ready to safeguard than at the age of 25, when you have to take full responsibility for your life.

Discussion of the budget will help you understand why parents allocate this pocket money and under which conditions it can increase.

“Those who have not learned to plan a budget are constantly experiencing a lack of money. It is upset, dependent on the employer and often afraid to leave the uncoupled work and be rinsed. Ultimately, such people risk life in a completely different way. In order to choose a field of activity, a form of rest and a place to live, you need to have a savings – a financial “security pillow”. ”
Take part of the cost

In the lower classes, students buy sweets, toys, and some money put on a tablet, for example. In middle school and high school teens pay for the phone, buy cosmetics, gifts, stationery and some clothes. To take a step forward and learn responsible use of money, you must take control of one of the expenditure position.

Mamom and dads can be hard to completely trust the child when it comes to buying school supplies or supplementing the wardrobe, but it is a satisfactory experience for the whole family. Ask the adults to have calculated how much money it seems average per month, for example on the internet, gifts for friends or buying shoes. Then ask for this amount and enable your decision to make your decision. After 4 weeks or earlier, if the money is suddenly, discuss the results of the experiment and decide on to what conditions it continue.

Both the adult and you can be afraid that you can buy a low-quality product or you will lose money, but the risk is part of the financial management. After purchase, unwelled shoes can be returned within two weeks, and if you lose money, you will have to find a solution: earn, save or move another season in old sneakers. In any event, full responsibility for a specific family budget line will help “pump” financial knowledge.

“If parents do not hurry to initiate a student in long-term plans, he should ask for it. At the age of 13-14, it is worth understanding in which the form of parents will help the child in the future. For example, someone is willing to pay a rent for an apartment to a son or daughter during his studies, others hope that the child will move to the dorm, but they are ready for running expenses. “