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Many parents

Many parents of teenagers discuss the budget with them and find that their children are fairly educated about financial matters. A 2017 poll by VTsIOM found that one in five high school students would like to know more about money management. Discussing family expenses and income is one of the best ways to learn to solve financial problems. If your parents only inform you of their decisions, offer to give you a counseling voice.

A high school student can not only discuss the budget, but also find solutions to real problems. For example, if a family needs to lower the cost of keeping an animal, the student may ask for reduced food and cheaper but better quality veterinary services.

Some parents mistakenly believe that it is too early for a student to worry about “adult problems”. You cannot learn to use money wisely in short-term courses. It is better to analyze the first mistakes at 15, when parents are ready to protect themselves, than at 25, when you have to take full responsibility for your life.