Understanding Different Types Of Urinary Catheters

Posted on Mar 09, 2012 - Category: Catheter Information, Catheter Type.

There are many reasons as to why one might require catheterization and understanding types of urinary catheters can go a long way in ensuring that you are well-equipped to make the right choice when required. There are three broad types of urinary catheters: intermittent, indwelling and external catheters. Each of these types of urinary catheters are suited to a specific purpose and we will be exploring the intricacies of each.

Intermittent catheters, as the name suggests, are ideal for short-term continual use. These are best suited to people who require catheterization once in a while. Intermittent catheters are usually employed when the bladder is to be emptied and removed almost immediately after the urine flow stops. Intermittent catheters are ideal for use by those patients who have might have developed temporary conditions such as a spine injury or an accident. Frequenting the toilet might not be feasible for patients on a wheel chair or for bed-ridden patients and this is where intermittent catheters come to the rescue. Intermittent catheters cannot be used more than once and must not be used by two different people at the same time.

For those in need of long-term catheterization, indwelling catheters are ideal. Indwelling catheters are inserted into the urinary bladder and remain inside till the time prescribed by the physician. Inserting indwelling catheters can be tough and the placement can be a cause of concern for some patients. Indwelling catheters are administered by way of surgery and this can be especially painful for men since it has to be administered into the bladder through the urethra. Administering indwelling catheters also run the risk of introducing Urinary Tract Infections into the patients. While most modern-day catheters are coated with anti-allergic amalgams, one-off incidents of UTIs have been linked to catheter usage. Thus, one ought to be particularly careful with these types of catheters. As per the statistics, almost 80% of all people who develop UTIs are male patients. However, proper care and timely replacement of indwelling catheters can alleviate the risks of UTI contraction to a large extent.

If you are looking for convenience and safety, using an external catheter is your best bet. External catheters do not require surgery, are convenient to use, can be worn anywhere and are easy to conceal. External catheters work like a condom and can be worn over the penis with ease. Most men a privy about their incontinence condition and male external catheters are best suited to such men. These types of urinary catheters are single-use and might be a little tricky to use in an event of retracting penis. However, most external catheters being manufactured these days are made keeping in mind problems such as retracting penis and exaggerated movement. Most men find external catheters extremely useful and convenient, making it the most popular of all other types of urinary catheters.

To sum it up, there are three types of urinary catheters. If you are looking for a quick-fix, reliable and safe incontinence solution, you ought to go for intermittent catheters. If you are looking for a catheterization for the long term, you need an indwelling catheters. If you are averse to using either of these and are looking for an easier and more flexible option, you should go for external catheters.

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