Top 5 Reasons to get Catheter Samples

Posted on Jan 27, 2012 - Category: Catheter Information

Patients affected with many urinary diseases and subsequent complications often times require catheterization to manage their symptoms. Before devoting themselves to a particular type of catheterization, patients should take into consideration the type of catheter they want to use. There are five main reasons why obtaining catheter samples is the best way to determine what catheter to use.

Reason 1 – Proper Size Determination

Catheters are classified by the width of the tube inserted into the urethra. They must be a size that allows free flow of urine while also accommodating for the escape and flow of thick, bloody or sediment filled urine if the situation arises. The most common sizes of catheter given as catheter samples are 3.3mm to 9.3mm. Interruption of urine flow or building up of sediment can lead to severe urinary tract infections. To ensure proper flow, catheters must be tested to find the optimal size.

Reason 2 – Fitting Individual Requirements

With regards to the frequency of change, there are two broad categories of catheters in:

  • indwelling catheter
  • intermittent catheters

Indwelling catheters remain within the urethra to allow for rapid catheter bag changing. These catheters are typically for those who are bed-ridden for extended periods of time and are often permanent. Intermittent catheters, on the other hand, must be removed after each catheterization. These tend to be temporary and may sometimes be used for patients who only need the catheters for a short period of time. Patients will need to tailor their needs according to the ease of use from the catheter samples provided and from their own health requirements. Different types of catheter supplies and samples allow the patient to see which will be easiest to integrate into daily life.

Reason 3 – Determining Method of Catheterization

A catheter sample can be given for self-catheterization or a clinically administered catheterization. Patients can determine if they are comfortable performing self-catheterization or if they prefer going to a clinician. Some patients may not have time to visit a physician’s office in order to have a catheterization done. Other patients may not be able to self-catheterize and will require assistance. All preferences for these aspects of catheterization can be determined by using catheter samples.

Reason 4 – Achieving Maximum Comfort and Effectiveness

Catheters are available as straight or curved tubes in order to accommodate a male prostate. Pain associated with catheterization can be alleviated by testing the shape of catheter with a catheter sample. There are catheters supported by a balloon at the base of the bladder and catheters requiring the aid of tape or a clip to stay within the bladder. The amount of support necessary for the patient can be determined by using a catheter sample to help avoid a potentially embarrassing leak.

Reason 5 – Saving Money

A catheter sample allows a patient to try different types of catheters without accruing the cost of purchasing all in bulk before settling on a type of catheter they prefer. A catheter sample also allows a patient to determine how many catheters they require on a day to day basis. This will help to estimate the final costs of using a catheter and save the patient money in the long-term.

Before devoting to a particular brand or style of catheter, it is important to determine which catheter will be optimal. The best way to decide which catheter is the right type of catheter is to obtain as many catheter samples as possible and try them all out with these criteria in mind.

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