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MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are well known in the US for enhanced user comfort. MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are designed for people who are in frequent need of self-catheterization. MediCath is the sole distributor of the hi-slip® hydrophilic urinary catheter in the US. These catheters are known to provide exceptional lubrication when dipped in water. This provides for a slippery surface, and hence, easy insertion, ensuring that the patient experiences enhanced comfort. There are three broad types of MediCath Hi-slip Catheters: the Hi-slip plus, the Hi-Slip plus coude, and the Hi-Slip full plus. We’ll be briefly going over each of these varieties.

Since MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are primarily hydrophilic catheters, it makes sense to understand this general category in order to appreciate their benefits. Hydrophilic catheters are made out of a special material that binds water. This makes these catheters highly slippery when the surface comes in contact with water. This lowers the abrasion caused by the catheters on insertion and removal, thereby enhancing the patient’s comfort and reducing the risk of injury due to chafing.

Hydrophilic catheters are ideal for those who feel a constant pain while using catheters. Most people experience intermittent pain in their urinary tract/bladder from a possible injury. For these patients, MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are ideal since they lower the risk of causing further injuries. However, MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are not re-usable, necessitating replacements if you plan to employ hydrophilic catheters.


MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are the typical types of MediCath catheters and require manual hydration prior to use. It is strongly suggested that you test the quality of the water being used. While there have been no reported incidents of infections due to bad quality water, it is safer to use boiled or bottled water to hydrate your catheters, especially if you are away from home or traveling. All MediCath Hi-slip Catheters kits have water sachets included for conveniently carrying water while traveling.

Hi-slip Plus:

The Hi-slip Plus is an improvement over the regular MediCath Hi-slip catheters and come with water already included. This pre-included water is sterilized and hence, provides for enhanced safety against water borne microorganisms. All MediCath Hi-slip Catheters are latex free for safer usage. The Hi Slip plus range is available in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches and can be used to both men and women without any complications.

Hi-Slip Full Plus and Plus Coude:

This is the third variety of MediCath Hi-slip Catheters and comes with sterile, pre-supplied packet of water for lubrication. The Full Plus range also has a pre-supplied urine collection bag that you can use while on the move. Thus, you can choose when and where to catheterize and this helps in lending freedom to the patients. Moreover, you are not really required to knot the bag while using the High Full Plus range, thus eliminating the chances of a leakage. The Plus Coude range of MediCath Hi-slip Catheters has a coude tip as opposed to the straight tip used in other MediCath Hi-slip Catheters.

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