Cure Medical Catheters: The Best In The Market

Posted on Mar 05, 2012 - Category: Catheter Brand

Cure Medical catheters are the best in the industry when it comes to quality. Only Cure catheters and Cure Catheter Closed systems are certified to be BPA and DEHP free. No other brand of catheter has the liberty of being certified till date. Cure Medical is the only catheter supplies company in the world that has pledged at least 10% of its revenues to be set aside for research and development of new technologies in the field of catheter manufacturing and design. Thus, when you buy Cure Medical catheters, you not only invest in the best catheters in the market, but you also contribute towards making them better for future generations.


Most other brands of catheters manufacture catheters in latex or PVC. While latex has tracts of BPA (which can lead to urology led infections), PVC contains a carcinogen called the DEHP. Cure Medical catheters are free from either of these and this is what makes them the best in the market today. The tips are smooth and sport fire-polished eyelets, ensuring that the patients have a comfortable time while the catheters are on them.


Although Cure Medical catheters are based on relatively new materials that are a digression from the traditional brands of catheters, these work and function on the same principals as those on which traditional catheters work. Thus, as a patient or a physician, there is nothing much to learn when it comes to using Cure Medical catheters. All Cure Medical catheters are sterile and single-use catheters and are available in boxes of 30 or 10 each. These are treated with anti-bacterial coatings to prevent infections in the urinary tracts (UTIs) and are lubricated to enhance the comfort of the patients. Cure Medical catheters are manufactured for both men and women and are available in different shapes, sizes and forms for the perfect fit.


There are basically two types of Cure Medical catheters supplies: the Cure catheter insertion kit and the Cure catheter closed system. The Cure catheter insertion kit includes a collection bag, an underpad, lubricating jelly, a pair of ambidextrous gloves, a non-staining BZK wipe and a universal collector. This kit is the ideal catheter supply kit that you can use to remove, apply or change your catheter. The Cure catheter insertion kit is available in packs of 100 each and can be ordered online, without prescription.


On the other hand, the Cure catheter closed systems are sterile, unisex, single-use systems that offer a complete range of products that you might need for catheterization. The closed systems typically include Cure Medical catheters that are free from latex, BPA and DEHP, have polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated tip and are integrated with a collection bad capable of holding up to 1500 ml of liquid. The kit also includes a BZK wipe, a pair of ambidextrous gloves, an underpad, a sterile wipe and providone-iodine swab sticks that act as an antiseptic. Both the closed systems and the insertion kit are available in different sizes and shapes to suit people from different backgrounds.

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